Battery Scissor Lift 26ft Narrow Haulotte Compact 10N

Category: Battery Scissors

The Haulotte Compact 10 N narrow electric scissor 26ft platform (32ft working height) is the ideal solution to transport the user and their tools to an elevated workplace quickly and safely.

Ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces these machines can pass through standard single or double doors with a width of just 32″. The Cage folds down to fit through doorways of 32inch width.

The narrow 32″ width allows operation in the most congested areas while still giving a 32ft working height.

The platform is driveable at full height. Pot hole protection and the load limiter fitted in the cage ensure maximum safety.

Non-marking tyres come as standard, so this machine can be driven on decorated finished flooring.

Working Height: 10m
SWL: 230kg
Weight: 2160kg
Power Source: Battery

Product ID: SKYG


Detailed Specification Information

Working Height 10m
Platform Height 8m
Max Deck Extended 3.23m
Safe Working Load (SWL) 230kg
SWL (Extension Deck) 120kg
Length 2.31m
Width 0.81m
Height 2.18m
Height Rails Folded 1.33m
Weight 2160kg
Power Source Battery
Gradeability 23%