9″ Track Chipper

Category: Chippers & Block Splitters

The SAFE-Trak STC220MT55 is designed with GreenMech’s award-winning patented track extension system, allowing massive ground clearance enabling access across the most difficult terrain. This pioneering feature makes is a popular machine for de-veg contractors working on power line and railway track maintenance. Also, by extending only one track at a time, embankments up to 35° can be traversed  in complete safety, allowing the chipper to get to the material to be chipped. Fitted with a 50hp Isuzu diesel engine and a 4 Disc-Bladed flywheel, the SAFE-Trak 19-28 is an impressive work-horse and comes with all the standard features expected of a GreenMech chipper. These include a 230mm x 230mm letterbox style infeed throat and powerful twin hydraulic feed rollers that drag even the most awkward forked material effortlessly to the chipping system.

Product ID: SHRT


Detailed Specification Information

Transport  Truck
Width 1.33m, 4ft 4ins
Length (Minimum for Transport) 3.53m, 11ft 6ins
Length (Working) 4.3m, 141ft
Capacity : 230mm 230mm x 230mm
Weight  1,880 Kg
Power Isuzu 50hp
Fuel Diesel, 60 Litre Tank