Electric Concrete Planer, Hilti

Category: Floor Preparation

The Hilti DG 150 Diamond Grinding System operates up to 95 percent dust free and was designed to meet the expectations and job site requirements of renovation, flooring, painting and waterproofing contractors. The four-part DG 150 system includes the DG 150 Grinder, DPC 20 Power Conditioner, VCD 50 Vacuum Cleaner and a specially designed diamond cup wheel. The patented, automatic self-cleaning vacuum saves time that would normally be spent cleaning the filter. The DG 150’s dust collection system helps reduce the amount of dust inhaled by the operator and at the same time helps reduce the amount of dust entering ventilation systems of inhabited buildings. The uniquely designed “spike” diamond cup wheel removes adhesives and coatings and allows debris to pass through without loading up the wheel.

Product ID: CPLB


Detailed Specification Information

Transport Car
Weight 4.1kg
Power 2100 WATTS
Voltage 110 VOLTS
Disk Diameter 150mm, 6in