Kranzle Therm 895-1 Pressure CleanerKranzle

Category: Pressure Cleaners

The Therm 895-1 is an excellent design, to appreciate the size and quality of the Therm it really needs to be seen. The Therm is a big, solid and very well made machine that weighs over 200 kgs. It is a powerful hot and cold pressure washer running on 3-Phase power supply 415 volt. Durable design for industrial and commercial use.

Product characteristics:

  • Neat storage system, practical stowing of the trigger gun with safety catch and lance
  • Cleaning agent intake, injector system for dispensing of cleaning agents
  • Digital operating panel, to control the water temperature and view cold/hot use operating time management
  • Removable covers, protect the mechanical components from environmental factors and provide convenient access
  • Parking brake, for a secure stationary position

Product ID: kranz895-1