HUSQVARNA Petrol Professional Chainsaw 560 XP®Husqvarna

Category: Chainsaws

The Husqvarna 560 XP® petrol chainsaw is developed for professional loggers and skilled land owners. This heavy duty chainsaw has a ground breaking design and is loaded with innovative solutions for efficient, convenient operation. This easy start chainsaw helps increase productivity, while the Husqvarna X-Torq engine helps provide more power when you need it, using up to 20% less fuel while producing 75% less exhaust emissions versus other professional chainsaws. RevBoost™ provides an instant high chain speed for extra efficient de-limbing in the toughest conditions. Supplied with interchangeable 15″ chainsaw bar as standard.

Product ID: 9660091-

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Cylinder Displacement 59.8 cm³
Power Output 3.5 kW
Recommended Bar Length, Max 18 in